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For Those Keeping Score At Home

"SYDNEY started the new year with a near-record January temperature, 44.2 degrees, as soaring heat and strong wind fanned bushfires. The mercury at Sydney's official weather station at Observatory Hill stopped rising at 4.24pm just short of the previous record, 45.3 degrees, registered on January 14, 1939." - Daily Telegraph

The hottest temprature in New South Wales was 47 degrees celcius (116.6 Fahrenheit). The airport and most of Sydney lived a majority of the day in 45 degree celcius (113 Fahrenheit) heat, with 70%+ humidity. Second hottest day since Federation (1901).

Love it!
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A Trendy Entery

Tom Cruise bashing seems to be very "in" this year.  It's quite obvious why, and his antics have provided some of the comedic highlights of the year 2005.  However his speedy self-destruction wasn't the first time ol' Tom had me reaching for the tissues to wipe the tears from my eyes.  For that we would have to head back to 2003 while Tom was filming "The Last Samurai" in Oakura, New Zealand.  Whilst filming in the town with a normal population of around 1,200, The Edge, a local radio station, wanted to see how local residents would respond if Tom were to call one of the many establishments in the town.  So, after ripping audio from some of Tom's earlier trainwrecks, the station phoned 6 lucky people to have a chat with "Tom".

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True Colours

Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Shouldn't I?

In the early 80's a phenomena began that would, by 1987, become the undisputed number one in it's chosen industry.  Industry experts have over the past 20 years tried to discover the ingredients that lead to this massive success, some suggest it was the soundtrack that caused the phenomena, others suggest the sexual undertones that no doubt appealed to one particular segment of fans, others would even go so far to suggest that the work was so far ahead of it's time that it pioneered new and interesting concepts that are still being replicated at infinitum today.  They are all true.  But they are missing the key ingredient - Larry.  Thats right I said it Larry.

Larry's contribution and influence to the industry should never be underestimated.  I for one find it dissapointing the lack of respect and admiration that this man recieves from the general public.  All that have come to know Larry over the many years he has been in action, know him and identify with him well.  He is very much a ladies man, as I am sure we can all atest, he loves a punt and a pint and always knows how to have a good time.

I for one want to say thanks for the contribution to an industry that I enjoy!  Happy Birthday Dude!

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A Rare Uplate Update

Has been a while between drinks, no?

Birthday season is offically over, proving reasonably enjoyable on all levels... definatly an improvement on the last one I must say (the lack of a final English exam helped this).  Anyway birthday season is out and cricket season is in... in about 3 or so hours.  New Zealand vs South Africa @ Johannesburg.

If you want a unbiased series preview click here

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I am open to challange.  So if you honestly feel anyone was hard done by please do speak up.  Anyway we can all join in mocking the Australian's performance had they taken part.

Wow.  Successfully wasted another hour.  2 hours to go awesome!

True Colours

Success! (Only lasts you half an hour, oh yes, but it loves you when it comes)

My successful run of securing the exact tickets I want to events was stretched to 10 in a row today as I secured 6 GA's to a little known British band at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.  Granted this required some "massaging" of the pre-sale system, but really the sport of Ticketing is a win-at-all-costs endevour.  As with all sports talent, expereince and preperation wins out in the end.

timothius truly is the danielvettori of Ticketing.  This run of good form will surely set him in good stead when 4 bone-idle-lazy Irishmen decide to haul their arses to Australia and New Zealand"  - Rueters

The band?  Don't ask.


Victory For the Black Caps

I'm interrupting The Final CC, because I haven't had enough time to tie it together.

Flem & The Boys tied up another tournament victory!  Nath scored his 15th ton, making a fairly good claim to being the greatest ODI batsmen New Zealand has ever seen - he also continued his unattested record of scoring a century in each calander year since 1995!  New Zealand will now head to South Africa for a tour which will see some great cricket and a significant lack of sleep on my part.  Things like this always have a bit of an affect on me...

Quite frankly I'm feeling a helluva a lot like this...

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Yeah.  I'll be home again.


True Colours

Why I Love Australia (with 99% less sarcasm!)

I have noticed an appauling amount of Anti-Australian sentiment within my journal recently.  Which is fine and most of it is fair, however I don't want to give anyone any negative impressions, everyone should make up their own minds about this convict colony.  I have shown you the bad and the ugly.... now its time for the good.

The definitive, cyncially-devoid list of things I like about Australia and what it has produced...Collapse )

Go on, post your own Australian love list!  It's good for the soul.

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